Tuesday, April 26, 2011

DIY (do it yourself) Green Deodorant

Yesterday my little daughter asked me a great question after following the link on my face book DIY group to the DIY green lip gloss, and the question was surprising! "Why do you call it green mummy? it's pinky" and I realised that I wasn't very right when I haven't clarified what is meant by the word "green" for young ladies like mine :). So..............

Green products are biobased products made of natural chemicals that have no bad effect on our health, especially when it comes to make up which is on most  of young girl's skin, and I believe that lip gloss which is widely used goes into guts with foods and drinks as I haven't seen many girls removing their gloss to eat. So it's safer to make gloss from edible materials which cause no harm and give the bright look that every pretty girl likes to see on her face :). Of course makeup based on man-made chemicals aren't healthy and might lead to big problems. One of these problems is cancer. I hope that you've got my point and have recognized how serious it is to make sure that we're not harming ourselves and we can have fun using natural products to make our makeup and we can control the colour too. On time you'll be experienced.

Our big issue when summer is close and weather is starting to become a bit hot in many spots in the world is "sweat". I believe that sweating is healthy and many deodrants help preventing secretion of sweat for hours so you get no bad smellall the day long.

Why is it important to sweat?
Sweating is a very important function of our bodies accomplishing such things as cooling our bodies and releasing toxins.

Why is sweat beneath arms having a bad smell?

The sweat in the Apocrine glands "beneath your arms" is made the same way as that of the Eccrine glands "in the dermis  skin layer every where else in your body" but the composition is different. It contains proteins and fatty acids which makes it thicker and sometimes yellowish. Contrary to popular belief sweat is not odorous, it is a metabolic process between bacteria and proteins and fatty acids.

So our issue here is bacteria and not sweat! We need to fight bacteria without preventing sweat from being secreted as it helps our bodies to get rid of unwanted materials which might be bad for our health.

Now I'll take you directly to the recipe "I know I talked too much here but I had to let you know how important not to buy those products that prevent sweating for a long time"

Materials you need to buy "or fitch for it in your kitchen"

  •  Baking soda
  • Corn starch
  • essential oil "you can use vanilla or pepperment or up to your choice"
  • Coconut oil "or Shea butter if you can buy it on line or any store that sells organic materials"


Mix 3 tbsp baking soda and 3 tbsp corn starch. Add around 1 tsp essential oil "of you favorite scent"  and mix very well, then add 2 tbsp coconut oil or shea butter and mix again to get a homogenous mixture.

You can keep it in a sterrilized glass jar (just boil it and its lead in water for around 5 minutes then put both upside down on a sterilzed dish to drain completely.

Store the jar in fridge if temperature is below 25 degree Celcius. Using shea butter will keep it solid even out of fridge.

Enjoy :)

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